Hello Shopify Shop Owner!

Beeper is an advanced stock notifications app for everyone!

Get notified when products get low or out of stock, notify staff and partners, setup custom templates and schedule alerts.


Never get caught unprepared

Tailor Beeper to your production timelines, know exactly when and where stock is running out, and automatically notify those who need-to-know.
Unlimited Recipients
Unlimited Locations
Real or Fixed Time

The Good Stuff

Keeping track of stock levels is very time-consuming, we hope that you can now spend that time on other things 😊

Attach to Specific Products & Variations

Some products take longer to make than others – create alerts for specific products and let Beeper monitor their stock.

Attach to Specific Vendor

Some Vendors shipping times are longer or shorter - know when products of a specific vendor almost run out so you can order early.

Alert Grouping and Burst Control

To prevent you from being continuously bombarded by alerts on busy days, Beeper groups your alerts into single emails, so you can easily sift through all.

Custom Templates

Customize the copy of the Alerts to include guidance and information that's relevant to the specific alert.

Schedule Alerts

Set preferred delivery time per Alert, for all recipients (including you!), Beeper will group your alerts and send them at the time they should be read.

Real Time Alerts

Prefer to receive some alerts as they happen? Beeper can send your alerts the minute they happen, get notified exactly when a product reaches a certain stock level.

Multiple Locations

Track stock on a specific location, multiple locations - or as the sum of all locations. Know exactly when and where the stock is running out.

Email & Slack

Set an email address and slack account (if you have one) for each recipient, and Beeper will notify the recipients on both channels.

Beeper's Complete Feature List

  • Assign to Specific Products & Variations
  • Easily find products by searching for their SKUs, Titles, IDs or Handle
  • Search for specific variations by their options, SKU or ID
  • Batch Assign to Products
  • Batch Assign to products by SKU, Tag or Vendor
  • Assign Alert to All Products

How does it work?

It takes no more than a few clicks to get from 0 to a 100



Connect Beeper to your Shopify shop.



Add as many alerts as you need, Beeper comes with an out-of-stock alert out of the box.



Beeper will monitor your order and let you know whenever an alert is triggered.

Fair Price for Everyone

Beeper is offered in tiered pricing - we made sure to provide plans that match shops of all sizes. All Plans are charged monthly
$2 /month
For small shops


  • Unlimited notifications.
  • Global out-of-stock alert
  • One Custom Alert.
  • Only Email Recipients.
  • Singe Template.
  • Fixed & Real Time Alerts.
$4 /month
For most shops

Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Daily Summaries.
  • Up 5 Custom Alerts
  • Email, Slack and Telegram Recipients
  • Up to 5 Templates.
$9 /month
For larger, busier shops

Everything in Standard, Plus:

  • Unlimited Alerts.
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Email, Slack, Telegram and Facebook Recipients

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Beeper starts a 7 days free trial of the Standard plan.

Does Beeper track manual stock updates?

Nope. Beeper only tracks stock levels changes that were made due to orders.

What happen if I uninstall Beeper?

Uninstalling Beeper will cancel any future charges. Beeper will no longer send alerts and notify you or your staff about low stock levels.